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Senior Java Software Developer (see my profile and some stuff I've written, Computer Scientist, Percussionist, Salsa and Tango dancer.

Welcome to my little world. You are invited to have a look at my interests and doings. Please have a look at my new Blog, which currently is mostly about ChatGPT, since I'm seriously fascinated by that and the wild productivity gains it allows. See also my new TIL (things I've learned) site - useful as knowledge-base and as sort of micro blog since writing a full blog entry about something takes quite a bit of time.
I'm currently heavily working on a couple of tools around ChatGPT, which I heavily use privately and in my work.

If you have some comments or questions, tell me!

Find my me on GitHub (incl. my GitHub sites), GitHub Gists, Stackoverflow, Xing, LinkedIn, Twitter.

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