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Since I feel writing things down is often both a very nice thing to process them, and also clears your head, and maybe some of those things interest others, too: here it is now, welcome to my blog! On the sidebar you can filter by category and choose the entry you want, or find below some of the most recent entries - click on them to read.

So you'll find various stuff here, from my first, pretty long rant about meeting ChatGPT, to some rather short quips about productivity and whatnot. At the moment it is quite ChatGPT-heavy, since discovering that some SciFi childhood dreams became / are becoming true did quite stir me up, and doing things using ChatGPT API currently covers most of my sparetime - see e.g. my project ChatGPT tools. I'm even lucky enough to do an integration of ChatGPT services into Composum Pages and Adobe AEM for my boss right now. (Picture me jumping around in joy. :-)

Before you ask: no, although I'm currently going on and on about AI, I so far resisted to have ChatGPT write something for my blog, though I admit I sometimes let DeepL help me with a forgotten word or two. :-)

Hopefully you'll have fun with that, and perhaps it helps with something! Let me know what you think! See also my new TIL (things I've learned) microblog site - useful as knowledge-base and since writing a full blog entry about something takes quite a bit of time.

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