Fast INTI-replacement for Sather using GNU MP

(Beware: I do no longer maintain this software. I leave it here since you might be interested in it, anyway.)

Here is my replacement for the INTI-class of the Sather-distribution (see the Sather Homepage for information about Sather). It interfaces the GNU Multiple Precision Library. Your mileage may vary: it'll be probably a bit slower if you use small INTI's only (i.e. < 2^64 or something) because it calls C on every operation, but it is much faster if you happen to use large INTI's.

This is a preliminary version, i.e. you are likely to encounter bugs. Please mail me if you have problems/questions.

The source is in inti_gmp.tar.gz. Last modified: Aug 27 1995

I also did a little design study on a set of arbitrary precision floating point classes. Please have a look at these.

Update: Sadly, I've no time to finish this stuff at the moment. In case someone is interested: in intig_work.tar.gz is my working copy of the stuff. It contains in the directory gmpinterface the classes INTG (an INTI-like class) and FIXG (a fixed precision class). I used them for extensive calculations, so they seem pretty stable, but are far from being complete. So if you want to play around with them, please do. Included are also some other files I started to work at, but these are non-functional, yet.