A Sudoku Solver

How does a computer scientist play sudoku? Right: he does a couple by hand, and then he writes a program that solves them for him. Here you are. :-)

This is a Java applet, so you need to have Java installed. If you care: the source is contained in the jar-file, which is also executable with java -jar sudoku.jar as a Swing application. Since I like javadoc I documented it very well for a quick sparetime project. The basic idea is rather easy - the computer keeps track which digits are still possible for each field if you exclude the digits that are known for the 3x3 square, the line and the column. If only one digit is possible it is marked as known and the other fields are updated accordingly.

If you see this text, something is broken - actually you should see the applet for solving the sudoku. Perhaps you should try the internet explorer - it seems to work there.